Moroccan Preschool Kids Cookbook


Get your preschoolers in the kitchen with this digital Moroccan cookbook of 10 recipes easy enough for the youngest cook to make!



As the mom of of kids that range from 2-16 years old and the auntie to plenty more, I wanted to create a cookbook that let kids get in the kitchen and get familiar with Moroccan foods.

This digital cookbook has 10 different recipes that range from very simple to a bit more complicated. With each recipe I also have provided specific ways your preschooler can get involved and help you make them. None of them are so difficult that they will get frustrated but some may require a little more help from mom, dad or an older sibling.

After each recipe you’ll also find a page that not only shares how they can get involved but my ideas to extend the lesson. This could be other activities and/or book suggestions to teach them a little more. Everything is geared for young learners but with enough room for parents to adapt based on their own children’s needs.

While the majority of recipes are authentic Moroccan dishes, I have added a few that are my take on dishes. By combining familiar foods with new foods my hope is even the pickiest of eaters will be willing to give it a try.