Morocco Itinerary Expansion Pack


Embark on a captivating journey through Morocco with our ‘Moroccan Itinerary Expansion Pack’, a comprehensive guide designed to unveil the heart of Morocco’s enchanting landscapes and vibrant cultures. From the Mediterranean allure of North Morocco to the mysterious dunes of the Sahara, this pack offers detailed regional itineraries, day-by-day activities, and customizable options, ensuring a deeply personal and unforgettable Moroccan adventure.



Enhance your Moroccan journey with our meticulously crafted ‘Moroccan Itinerary Expansion Pack’. Tailored to offer you an in-depth exploration of Morocco’s diverse landscapes, this pack is the perfect companion for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the country’s unique regions.

What You’ll Get:

Detailed Regional Itineraries:

    • North Morocco Itinerary: Discover the charm of the Mediterranean coast, the vibrant cities of Tangier and Chefchaouen, and the rolling hills of the Rif Mountains.
    • Central Morocco Itinerary: Discover Moroccan culture with a 7-day journey that begins in vibrant Marrakech. Explore historic ruins and bustling medinas, unwind in the serene Essaouira, and experience the High Atlas Mountains’ majestic beauty.
    • South Morocco and Sahara Itinerary: Venture into the heart of the Sahara Desert, experience the Amazigh lifestyle, and marvel at the oasis towns and kasbahs.
    • Atlantic Coast Itinerary: Unwind along the serene Atlantic coast, visiting Essaouira, Agadir, and the lesser-known coastal gems

Day-by-Day Activities and Recommendations:

      • Each itinerary includes day-by-day plans, featuring must-visit sites, hidden local spots, and leisure activities.

Customizable Options:

    • Flexibility to mix and match itineraries based on your interests and travel duration. Tailor your Moroccan adventure to your personal travel style.