Morocco Trip Planning Workbook


Need a single place to store all of your information for planning a trip to Morocco? Look no further, this resource is all you’ll need.



Whether you’ve already started planning or you’re just considering a trip to Morocco keeping track of all the details can become a full time job. If you’re like me you have notebooks of ideas, pictures saved on Pinterest boards and advice from friends scattered in messages all over the place.

That’s why I created this planning workbook! You can either print it off or use it on your computer (all the fields are editable) and keep track of not only your brainstorming for the trip but final plans once you’ve booked. Keep everything in one place to make your vacation easier.

Pages that are included;

  • Trip Overview
  • budgeting pages
  • packing list space
  • Day by day itinerary pages
  • Pages for contact information
  • …and more!

When you buy you’ll also be signed up for my 5 day trip planning challenge to jumpstart your Morocco adventures!