Relocation Budget Calculator


Wondering if you can afford an international relocation? Have a move on the books but unsure how much money you’ll actually need for different expenses?

This is exactly what you need to sort out your financial situation!



Are you planning an international move and unsure if you can afford it?

Do you have relocation planned but still working out your budget and worried you’ve left something off your list?

It can be confusing and complicated to keep everything straight, but with the help of this spreadsheet, you’ll be able to easily sort through all of the expenses related to an international move.

What’s included?

Three Spreadsheets that cover

  • Before Moving
  • Living Expenses
  • Returning Home

With each spreadsheet, the local currency and home currency is automatically calculated. Input the current exchange rate and the rest of the work is done for you!

Use not only as a budget tool but a checklist of all the items to consider, price, and organize at each stage of your move.