Morocco Early Learning Activity Bundle

Get your early readers excited about the world with this activity pack all about Morocco for your little learner!




This bundle of digital resources has a wide variety of items for your 3-6 year old. Learn more about Morocco in fun and engaging ways.

  • A Solar Story Unit Study – Learn about solar energy with activities while using the book A Solar Study to guide the lessons.
  • Naseem’s Journey – Another great literature-based unit study to try.
  • Types of Energy Worksheets – A great addition to the unit study for learners who want a little more of a challenge.
  • Morocco Flashcards – do you want your little ones to learn some Moroccan Arabic? There are 50 words in this set of flashcards and it includes several ideas on how to use them.
  • Morocco I Spy Game – a simple game that kids can play alone or in pairs with a little direction.
  • Morocco Coloring Book – multi-page printable coloring book that is great for kids and adults. Most of the designs are simple enough for kids to color.
  • Morocco Counting Book – Nearly 50 pages of counting activities and number practice sheets all focused on a Moroccan theme.
  • ABC Flashcards – A PDF download of ABC flashcards that can be printed and used as is or as a playdough mats for learning letters and Moroccan items.
  • Moroccan Inspired Playdough – This PDF has 3 different recipes for making your own playdough at home as well as instructions to create a DIY Morocco playdough kit!
  • Landforms Activity – Learn about the different landforms that make up Morocco with this workbook. Includes language practice, matching, and more.
  • Moroccan Recipe Cookbook for Preschoolers – recipes that are kid-approved and easy enough that even the youngest kids can play an active role in cooking.
  • Moroccan Movie Night Guide – a multi-page guide to plan a movie night (or day) with your preschooler – and includes bonus info for your own Moroccan theme adult movie night.
  • Moroccan Tea Party Guide – Plan a fun tea party with your preschoolers using this guide that includes recipes to make it special.