Solar Story Early Learning Unit


Teach your early learners (PreK – 1) about Morocco through this grab-and-go unit about solar power and the village in Morocco that is home to the largest solar plant in the world! Based around the book Solar Story by Allan Drummond pair these activities with sharing of the book and encourage STEAM learning in kids.



In need of a multi-day lesson for your preschool, kindergarten or first-grader? This short unit study is based around the book Solar Story by Allen Drummond. Morocco is home to the largest solar plant in the world, and this book and activities provide a great way to teach your class or little ones about this type of energy.

Inside you’ll find:

❍ Discussion questions around the book

❍ 2 activities for preschool-age children

❍ 2 activities for kindergarten-age children

❍ 2 activities for children in first grade

One of the activities for each age level is a craft so there is plenty of hands-on activity time.

As a bonus, you’ll also get an additional set of printable worksheets around different types of energy. This will help you expand your unit and give kids who want a little more some added instruction.