My Moroccan Kitchen Digital Cookbook


A combination of Moroccan family favorites and recipes that have been adapted for a variety of diets including vegetarian and gluten-free.



One of the most common questions people ask me is, “so when are you going to publish a cookbook?” I’ve always had good intentions of putting one together but the timing has never been right. After a lot of work compiling a good mix of recipes, working with my amazing photographer friend Heidi Leon Monges and hours making things just so, I’m thrilled to share this digital Moroccan cookbook.

What’s Inside?

I could have easily written a book with dozens of recipes but I wanted to keep this first book tight and concise. Inside I’ve mixed things up. You won’t find a recipe for chicken tajine with lemons but you will find over 25 of our favorite Moroccan recipes. There’s really something for everyone! I’ve added in vegetarian Moroccan recipes, gluten-free Moroccan recipes, and classic dishes that rarely are found outside Moroccan homes.

Preview the recipes;