Naseem’s Journey Unit Study

A grab-and-go unit study based on the book Naseem’s Journey. This unit teaches early literacy and numeracy skills for PreK-1 grade.




In need of a multi-day lesson for your preschool, kindergarten or first-grader? This short unit study is based on the book Naseem’s Journey by Anjuli Farmay. Naseem is visiting Morocco, his father’s home and learns about himself and his family history through this story. Pair your reading with these activities for a full unit study lesson.

Here’s what you can expect when you purchase Naseem’s Journey Unit Study. We’ve included discussion questions and a variety of activities for your little learner to engage with so that they can truly immerse themselves in the world of Morocco.

Included in your purchase you will receive:

– Discussion questions to help you and your child explore the story of Naseem and the colorful world of Morocco.
– Two activities tailor-made for preschoolers, designed to get their little hands moving and their creativity flowing.
– Two activities for our kindergarten-age friends – with one of them being a craft!
– Two activities specifically created for first-grade kiddos, with another craft included to keep things interesting and engaging.

With plenty of hands-on activity time and opportunities for little ones to engage their senses and get curious about the world around them, we’re confident that Naseem’s Journey Unit Study will be a valuable resource in helping your family achieve your goal of fostering cultural awareness.

As a bonus, you’ll also get an 8-page book of activities to learn more about Morocco and encourage your child to learn about the country!

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